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Course Modules

Before Taking this Course

Learn about Google Colaboratory:

High-level Overviews of Machine Learning as a topic:

Introduction to Machine Learning with Climate Science Examples

This course demonstrates Machine Learning concepts with programming exercises. We use Google Colab as our programming environment. Please refer to the instructions below for how to download all course materials and set up your own Google Colab environment for this course.

To get all the Module 1 materials, download this GDrive folder. Next, unzip the downloaded file to expand the folder. You will see a folder titled ccai. The contents of this folder can be viewed and run as Jupyter Notebooks on your local machine if desired. To run the course notebooks from your own GDrive, upload the ccai folder unzipped to your own GDrive.

To open the assignment notebooks or the solutions notebooks, navigate to ccai/course/notebooks in your GDrive folder. If you have never used Google Colab before, right click on the notebook you’d like to open. Select “Open With”->”Connect More Apps”. Enter “Colab” in the search bar for GDrive applications. Install Google Colaboratory. Then you will be able to open and run all the course notebooks with Colab!

The main slide deck for this course is here. These slides will also be displayed in the instructional notebooks next to the concepts they relate to.

Comming Soon: Modules about Mitigation and Adaptation

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